It’s official!

Today I got help at Business First in Malta to fill in three very official documents. I have

  • Applied for a trading licence,
  • applied for a VAT number, and
  • registered as self-employed.

It seems I’m soon pretty much in business 🙂

I registered as self-employed for now rather than as a company with shares. Later on, when necessary, I can register as company.

I also got to meet a VAT expert who was at Business First for the day, and she could clarify what it means formally, when one is likely to sell games and consultancies internationally. For example, there are ways to simplify how the VAT accounting works across the EU member states. There was a lot to take in, but everyone was super-nice, and I have both already scheduled a new meeting for when I come back from GDC, and I know exactly who to email with questions.

I updated my road-map accordingly:





Otter Play – the first steps!

Welcome to this page, introducing my (so far!) one woman indie game studio!

I have just taken the first baby-steps:

  • I thought about how I can be most creative and productive, and what stuff I want to make.
  • I considered that otters hold hands when they sleep, to not drift apart from each other. (Hence the name of my endeavour.)
  • I met with a representative from Malta Enterprise who gave me advice on how to start, given my goals. He helped me make an initial road map, and will help me set register as a ‘sole trader’ next week.
  • I registered the domain
  • I am right now making this site, and writing this post 🙂
Otter Play Roadmap 1

This is my initial road map. I have in it my handbag, so that I can map out the route as I go along.

It is so liberating to continuously realise that I can do things my own way.
If I want to write  informally like this I can! If I want to make watercolour business cards , instead of printing normal business cards to give to ppl at GDC next week, I can!

Here, in this blog,  I will write notes about my journey starting out as an indie developer. Wish me luck 🙂

Mirjam, 22 Feb 2015