December 2016

Mind Shadows, may 17 2016So much has happened since I last wrote something here!
For one, I am mostly in Sweden now.  Last spring I went to an organization called StartUp Stockholm, mostly to get some feedback and input. It turned out they could not only give that but also help practically! They helped me get in touch with graphic artist Ämelie Hansson, who is now doing the graphics for the board game. I’m trying using glass cabuchons as markers to give them some more weight.

This autumn I got the opportunity work on a very exciting games project as a designer at Franzén & Falk in Stockholm  (details under wraps for now),  so that has taken priority the past few months.  After Christmas I’ll have more time  for MindShadows again, and I thought to kick start by going to the Sweden Demo Day next Wednesday, on the 14th of December.

I’ve been continuing to play-test, and getting good ideas and advice from those who graciously have given of their time.

Trying out rules for a 5-player session of Mind Shadows

Trying out a rule-set for five players

Play testing MindShadows with Michael Mateas at BIRS in Banff, May 2016

Testing with Michael Mateas at BIRS in Banff, Canada, May 2016

board from playetest #19

Boards from playtest no 19


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