Come see me at Sweden Demo Day!

I’ll show MindShadows  at the Sweden Demoday on Wednesday the 14th of December!
Do come by! It’s free!
It’s at Munchenbryggeriet in Stockholm – check it out and register here:
Sweden Demo Day.

The format of the day is lovely: those who wants to show something (like me) need to get there 2 hours before the event starts, and one gets some sharpies to draw up the idea on a piece of brown paper. All I needed to do in preparation was to send one A4 pdf that will be printed in the catalogue. Here it is: MindShadows_is_a_game_of_kindness.pdf.

I look forward to it, it will be great way for me to get back into the frame of the game as a I do the last design-fixes, and send off the game for proof-printing!

I might be giving away some glass play-marker cabochons if I get time to make them before Wednesday  (fingers-crossed). I’ve planned a super-simple play where someone gives you a supportive action.  Then you have the emotion your got from the action as jewelry, or just as a tiny everyday reminder of belonging, joy, pleasure, or confidence.

Hoping to see you there :). I got myself a ticket to the party in the evening too!


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