Otter Play – the first steps!

Welcome to this page, introducing my (so far!) one woman indie game studio!

I have just taken the first baby-steps:

  • I thought about how I can be most creative and productive, and what stuff I want to make.
  • I considered that otters hold hands when they sleep, to not drift apart from each other. (Hence the name of my endeavour.)
  • I met with a representative from Malta Enterprise who gave me advice on how to start, given my goals. He helped me make an initial road map, and will help me set register as a ‘sole trader’ next week.
  • I registered the domain
  • I am right now making this site, and writing this post 🙂
Otter Play Roadmap 1

This is my initial road map. I have in it my handbag, so that I can map out the route as I go along.

It is so liberating to continuously realise that I can do things my own way.
If I want to write  informally like this I can! If I want to make watercolour business cards , instead of printing normal business cards to give to ppl at GDC next week, I can!

Here, in this blog,  I will write notes about my journey starting out as an indie developer. Wish me luck 🙂

Mirjam, 22 Feb 2015


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